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Privacy Policy: 
Dallas Bounce Houses, LLC does not share your information with a third party.  Your contact or financial information is only handled by the owner and upper management.  Drivers are only given your address on paper at the time of delivery.  All information is kept confidential.


Rental Hours: The cost of the rental listed on the Web site is for an 8 hour maximum for private parties.  If you would like to rent any equipment for more than 8 hours, please be aware there will be an hourly charge of $25 for each additional hour or hours outside of our normal deliver/pick-up times. Drop off is normally between 7am - 11am the day of the event unless specified by the client, Monday - Saturday.  

Sundays:  We are still open on Sundays, however, please note that we only offer a 6 hour maximum rental window on Sundays, from 12pm-6pm.  If your event begins before noon, call us and we will work with you on accommodating earlier orders on a case by case basis. Sunday drop offs are between 10 a.m. and Noon. 

If you are an existing customer, with standing orders or a corporate account, you are exempt from this policy.  Also, we can make exceptions for special circumstances on a case by case basis.  We also make exceptions for schools, churches and special events.

Hours of Operation are also Seasonal:

March - October: Pickups are at 8pm (Monday - Saturday), and 6pm on Sunday. If you need it later please call. Addtional hours outside pickup times are charged ($25/hour).

November- February: Pickups are at 6pm (Monday - Saturday), and 6pm on Sunday. If you need it later please call. Addtional hours outside pickup times are charged ($25/hour).

We do offer overnight for an additional charge. 

Same-day rentals: We cannot guarantee any availability for same day rentals.  Please call at least 48 hours in advance.  Also please note: SAME DAY ORDERS REQUIRE THAT YOU PAY IN FULL WITH A CREDIT CARD OVER THE PHONE.  We will not take cash on delivery for same day orders. Please be aware that if you call for a same day rental, you may not be able to receive the rental for the full 8 hours.  

Deposits:  We no longer accept cash deposits.  To hold a reservation, you must provide a $50 deposit on a credit card. 50% on all orders over 300.00.  We must have this deposit on file 24 hours before your event.  We do not accept cash deposits.  If you are an organization, such as a school, church or corporation, for accounting purposes, you may make special arrangements for payment.  We understand, especially for churches and schools, providing a credit card is not always possible. 


1) Full 24 hours before, a full refund will be issued.
2) Under 24 hours: a forfeit of the 50.00 deposit.
3) Driver shows up at location: no shows/refusal: trip charge of 100.00 will be charged. Orders over 300.00 will be charged a 50% non refundable cancellation fee. 

It is the clients responsiblility to review the confirmation receipt to make sure the date and eveything is correct. We are not responsible for any uncommunicated changes or unwanted discrepencies from self service ordering. We call to confirm all orders.

(Our drivers and staff make multiple attempts to contact our clients.)

Inclement weather:

1) Full refund if contacted within 24 hours of the event.

2) If contacted after 24 hour window, will receive raincheck for the 50.00 deposit to be applied to a future event up to 1 year. Any full payment will be rainchecked dollar for dollar toward a future event up to 1 year.

3) For safety reasons, we will not set up in sustained winds of more than 20 mph.  

4) For safety reasons, we will not deliver/setup in rain due to the risk of slipping or electric shock.  

5) We will not deliver if the roads are icy.  Please note that if there is a chance of freezing precipitation, Dallas Bounce Houses reserves the right to pick up the unit early or cancel the event as frozen precipitation can damage the units.  

Information needed:

Please make sure you provided a working phone number that accepts calls.  If we make multiple attemtps to call you prior to delivery for confirmation calls, and delivery time windows, at the number you provided, and it is not a working number, OR, we received a message such as, "this caller is not accepting calls at this time," we will not deliver to you.  Especially if you have not paid the $50 deposit, we assume that it is a fake order with a fake phone number.

Note that we will also attempt to text you at that number.   Additionally we will email you at the address you provide.  If all of those communication attempts fail, we will not deliver to you. 

Other FAQS:

Can I come by and shop for my bounce house?

It's not that we don't want to see your lovely, smiling faces, however, all of our bounce houses are rolled up like giant burritos and stored in a warehouse.  If we were to leave all of our bounce houses inflated and on display, that would take 30 different electrical outlets on 30 different circuits and more than 10,000 square feet.  

What you can do, is call!  Our phone is on 9am - 6pm.  If we don't answer, it means we are on another line, or making a delivery.  Just leave a voicemail, and we will happily assist you with your order!  

Can I pick up my bounce house?
Unfotunately, no.  Our insurance will no longer allow customer pickups. 


Please note that in 2017 we are no longer offering frozen drink machines or frozen drink mix.  After considering the cost of maintenance and repair, we feel we could better serve our clients by investing in newer and different concession or inflatable equipment.  Stayed tuned for our latest additions, coming soon!  

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